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Nita Mendoza

lighting design


about me.

Hola bonita people!! My name is Nita Mendoza and I'm a damn proud, chicana lighting designer based out of southern California. Creating art and telling stories with light alongside other amazing artists/humans can be difficult at times (I know y'all know this), but I love the collaborative, supportive nature of it all. 


I'm from El Paso, TX and my family is the reason I'm the way that I am. They are there to support each other and they all have loud laughs like me: it's pretty cool. I have my MFA in Lighting Design from UC, Irvine and a BA in Technical Theatre from UT, El Paso with a concentration in Lighting Design and a minor in graphic design. So I also do graphic design! 

TL;DR I want to keep telling stories while making cool art with a group of people. 

Take care of yourselves and hang in there. 

abrazos (hugs). 

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